Discover Slovenia: Ljubljana, Bled Lake and Postojna cave

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Croatia’s neighbor Slovenia is getting more and more spill over tourism, especially from the capital Zagreb. Active travelers decide to do a day trip towards picturesque, small and bighearted Slovenia. So, what are the highlights and hidden gems you need to visit? Here are the top destinations in lovely Slovenia!




The capital is a must while first time visiting Slovenia. It is only 30 minute drive from the town where the first lady of America Melania Trump was born. Furthermore, it’s also the city from which the dragons are rented for filming the Game of Thrones show. Ljubljana gets under your skin immediately. Feast your eyes on beautiful baroque churches and Art Nouveau buildings. Check out the quirky bridges with dragons and hear the tales about the cheating bakers that were immersed in the river as a statement what not to do. You can even lock your love with a padlock on the Love Bridge in the city. Utilize the river Ljubljanica as well, my dear traveler. Hop on a boat ride or just linger on the embankment. To spice things up, go for one of the craft beers the local pubs offer or enjoy exquisite wines. Even though the National anthem of Slovenia is called ‘a Toast’, they are keen on eating delicious food too. As being a carnivorous nation, they pride themselves in tasty meat dishes. For those with peculiar taste you can even savor horse meat.  The center is packed with joyful people and positive vibes. Soak upon them while listening to the sounds of the street performers. Head to Ljubljana, you will love it! Even the name of the city means ”beloved one”.

ljubljana dragon bridge


Bled Lake

Arguably one of the prettiest lakes in the world is yours to wander around. This charming place lets you become one with nature and charge your inner batteries. While doing that, you will be emptying your cameras batteries by the amount of photos you will be taking! Conquer the oldest Slovenian castle that dates back to 11th century and have a walk down histories memory lane. Visit the Bled Island and a small church that’s a venue to the famous ”Bled wedding” tradition.  They say if you want to have a loving and fulfilling marriage, the groom needs to give a piggyback ride to his bride over 99 steep stairs to climb to the church. There are a few options to come to the church; the most popular option would be the traditional Pletna boat. This flat bottom boat with a standing oarsman has been transporting guests to the island ever since the 12th century!  If you enter the church you can even ring the magical wishing well, and make all of your dreams come true. For the ones that are not much for swimming or rowing, just stroll around the quaint lake, and chillax with the ducks and swans.  After you worked on your appetite, go for the best cream cake in the universe. All of this is at your disposal at enchanting Bled Lake.

lake bled


Postojna cave

Embrace the beauty of the most visited cave of Europe, and do it like a boss in a train. Yes, Slovenia has a cave with a train inside that takes you part of the way. This is only one of the reasons why Postojna cave is titled as the queen of caves among more than 10000 caves in Slovenia.  Admire the mesmerizing stalagmites, stalactites and cave pillars. If you’re lucky enough, you can even stumble upon some of the indigenous cave animals. Among them, you have the ‘‘olm’’ or as they sugar coat it – the ”baby dragon”! Explore these mysterious hallways and create a lasting memory.   In addition, not far away from the cave you can visit the infamous Predjama castle. Built in a rock it will awaken your imagination and curiosity. It is enlisted in the Guinness World Records as the largest cave castle in the world. For the ones looking for an eerie touch, allegedly the castle is haunted..  The most famous tenant of the castle was Erazem of Predjama, the Slovenian version of Robin Hood. Hear more about his quests or visit the armory of the castle. This is an experience not to be missed! More info about Postojna cave find here.


Slovenia and its beauties are yet to be discovered. So jump on board and take this ride! Discover the hidden gems and spread the good word. Feel the love in sLOVEnia!


Author: Filip Donadic

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